Flat rate registered shipping. €15 for orders within Belgium, €25 for orders within Europe and €30 for UK and worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the shipping rates?

We offer FLAT shipping rates of €15 for BELGIUM, €25 for EUROPE, €30 for REST OF THE WORLD. Our ceramics are currently shipped with local belgian post, BPOST under registered mail, and we offer tracking.

As we are currently operating a very small business, we try to offer fair shipping rates to our customers. The weight of our products range from 200g (small cups) to <1kg (bigger items) each.

For bulk orders or companies with a business account with DHL, UPS, FedEx, do write to us at ateliermiceramics@gmail.com for alternative shipping arrangements.


2. What are the expected delivery timings after we place an order?

So far from what we've personally experienced, delivery within Belgium is < 1 week. 1-2 weeks for within EU. 3 weeks for rest of the world. Do contact us at ateliermiceramics@gmail.com for possibilities of expedited shipping (with additional cost depending on shipping weight).

If there are unexpected delays with your delivery, please do not hesitate to email us too and we would try our utmost best to help you.


3. What are your damaged goods and returns policy?

We package our ceramics with bubble wrap and recycled paper. We're trying our best to be environmentally friendly when it comes to packaging. Do let us know if you have any ideas for secure alternatives.

In the situation where goods arrive broken due to the fault of the delivery courier, do contact us immediately at ateliermiceramics@gmail.com with a picture and we would try to rectify the situation.

As our ceramics are all handmade, unique, one-off pieces, it is unfortunate that we would not be able to replace the exact same piece. However there will be possibilities of having a discount code for your next purchase, or another similar piece sent to you, free of charge. We will review this on case-by-case basis.

In the rare circumstance that you are not satisfied after receiving your goods, do also write to us and we will also review this on case-by-case basis and try our best to help you. 


4. How are your ceramics made?

Most of them are made of a stoneware clay that is mixed with a small percentage of porcelain (to give its white colour), wheelthrown and trimmed by Mi Danïels. There will be occasions where we use 100% porcelain or slab build our pieces and these will be specified under each product's description.

There are some pieces that are also thrown by Shuxian Lee, but she mostly does the sgraffito carvings. Sgraffito is a centuries old technique where a coloured slip, or underglaze is applied as a layer onto the clay body when it's wet, or in the "greenware" stage. 

This layer is then scratched or carved out to reveal the underlying clay body, to form patterns and designs. Each piece could take up to 1-4 hours depending on the size of the vessel or the complexity of the design. Every design is hand-carved directly on the vessel without any use of templates or stencils.

We pride ourselves on creating completely unique one-off pieces. We could create similar vessels with similar designs, however every design will be slightly different because of not using stencils.

The carved greenware is then left to dry for a day, before being bisque fired to 950 deg C. The bisqueware is then painstakingly glazed individually by hand. The glaze would provide a layer of protection and functionality for usage as tableware.

Finally, when the glazing is done, they are high fired to 1250 deg C. Firing temperatures vary depending on the clay body, but we would specify this under each product if they are not made of stoneware or porcelain. 


5. How do I care for my ceramics?

We would recommend hand washing for 米 atelier mĭ products. Almost all of our ceramics are glazed inside to prevent stains when using for food. However not all of them are glazed on the surface (so as to keep the matt look), but food stains could easily be removed with some warm water and soap.

As our products are all lovingly handmade, some love and care when it comes to handling them are to be expected! :)